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Tachyon energy, most of us have heard the name, primarily from shows such as Star-Trek or other like shows. Some, with a background in the hard sciences, may have heard the term a few other times, but very few people know exactly what tachyon energy is, and even fewer know about the incredible results that can be attained through the its use in the area of alternative health-care or, as it is also known, holistic healing. Inside these pages, it is my goal to introduce you to tachyon energy and its benefits. There is a great deal of information provided in these pages, I have tried to break it up into segments so it is not so overwhelming, but to fully understand the concept, it is necessary to read all of the information provided, so, if you are ready to learn about this remarkable energy, sit back relax, grab yourself something nice to drink, and open yourself up to this new way of seeing things. Tachyon Energy is a blessing, and through the incorporation of this energy into our lives, we can begin to bring about some very dramatic changes, not only in our health, but also in our whole way of being. Enjoy!

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1. The Free Energy Era 2. The Tachyon Era Has Begun
3. Physics of Tachyon 4. A New Paradigm in Holistic Healing
5.  Joyous Life of a Super Conductor 6. The Moment of Truth
7.  Shifting Consciousness & Summary

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